Sunday, September 30, 2012

How to Buy a Guitar For Beginners

There is no exact answer to this question. It all depends on you. It depends on what music styles you like, your favorite guitar stars, your current guitar skills and goal of your playing guitar. Only you know what the perfect guitar is for you. You must make your beginner guitar buying decision based on your personal preference; otherwise you will put yourself in a trouble situation.

But there still some basic guidelines for guitar buyers no matter you are the first time or repeat time.

If you are looking for your first guitar, you must learn some basic concepts of guitar. These include the guitar parts, body type, electric or acoustic, size, strings etc. You can search online to find these information on some review sites for beginner guitar.

Next, set a proper budget. As guitar beginners, don’t spend too much on your first guitar, I mean don’t buy the premium guitar cost you about several thousands. These guitars are for professionals or advanced players, not for you. At the mean time, don’t buy too cheap guitars. The bad quality and bad sound will make you give up guitar playing for you can’t see your achievement. The acceptable price for a decent beginner guitar is above $100. Below this are kid’s toys not guitars.

Find some brands and models within your budget. You can do this online. Read the reviews of these models and make your own decision. Some models are my personally recommended and this may help you find your best beginner guitar faster. You can try Yamaha FG700S and Takamine GS330S.

Finally, don’t pay too much attention on looks. For a beginner guitar, good looking is not a good thing. The limited money should be spent on getting better sound and playability. The simple is the best. The beauty is at cost of sound quality. So, the looks is always the secondary consideration.

By now, with these tips, you can get your answer for what guitar should I buy. I just want make some comments here to help you choose the best beginner guitar. Make sure difference between steel strings and nylon strings and why solid wood sounds better than laminate. That’s not enough. Only chose the guitar that satisfies your sound preference. For example, don’t buy a nylon string guitar to play heavy metal.

If you still don’t know what guitar you should buy, just go to beginner guitar  to find more tips on beginner guitar and guitar reviews. Other related link:

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Buy Acoustic Guitar Strings

How often should you change your guitar strings?

Guitar strings are easy to break or lose tuning. Like the ink jets for your printers, the strings of a guitar should be changed after being used for some time. For the frequent guitar players, two week is a minimum. You can determine it by how often you play your guitar. Another reason you should change strings is that the old strings often make bad sound.

What kind of guitar strings should I buy?

For beginners, the medium gauge strings is a good option. The gauge of guitar string represents the thickness of the strings. It is said that the thicker strings have the better sound than thinner ones, but wait, the thicker the string the harder to play. Don’t make this mistake when you buy your guitar string. Beside this, don’t buy steel strings for your classical guitar or vice versa.

Where to buy your guitar strings?

You can go to the local guitar stores or musical instrument stores to buy your guitar strings. Or you can buy online, it is also very convenient and safe. I buy most of my guitar strings online.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Buy Beginner Acoustic Guitar

What is the best acoustic guitar for beginner? It all depends who use this guitar and what kind music the player is interesting for. Before buying, you should know something about acoustic guitar size and types.
Basically, people choose acoustic guitar according to the age of the player. If the player is too short or too tall, adjust to choose the right one.

Age                         Size

4-6 years old         1/4 size
7-8 years old         2/4 size
9-10 years old       3/4 size
11-adult                 full size

Another thing you should consider is that acoustic some acoustic guitars are using steel string while others are using nylon strings, for example, classical guitars and flamingo guitars. If the player want learn classical or flamingo guitar then choose the nylon string guitar, otherwise buy the steel string guitar which is very versatile for music styles like folk, country, blues, jazz or rock.

The most important thing you must think about is the budget. Don’t buy the too cheap guitar, believe me. Set your budget around 200 dollars is reasonable. Buy the best within your budget because the too cheap guitars are not guitar, they are toys. The bad sound will make you give up guitar for you can't see your improvement of your skills.

Buying a good guitar is a complicate stuff. You should consider the sound quality, the action, the playability and the craftsmanship. It is a hard job for beginners. My suggestion is go after the trusted brand like Yamaha, Takamine or Epiphone. All these brands have good quality control and offer entry-level products at affordable prices.